Fifth Season 2017

Essential. If we have to wrap the Sequence Buyer’s Guide “Fifth Season” up with one word, we would say ‘essential’.

Our friends at Sequence Magazine think that it’s essential and necessary to release their shopping guide at the beginning of every season. Since almost 10 years now, ‘Fifth Season’ has not only been a huge catalogue, but also the selection of the best products you can find on the European market – the best you can buy at your local or online shop in wintertime.


At the beginning of February and after the ISPO’s presentation of the new gear, the Sequence Magazine editorial staff always work in close contact with the most important brands to select their best gear, carrying out an analysis of their top products.

Since ‘Fifth Season’s’ first releases the market has surely changed. Boards now have several different cambers, shapes, with more or less pop, and just like musical notes or letters, if combined in a different way you will get completely different boards.
That is why some boards are more fit for freeriding, some others for park or for street and so on. This applies as well to bindings and boots, goggles and outerwear. As modern tech progresses, everything is evolving towards an extreme specialisation for any kind of terrain or discipline.

You certainly do not want to go on street rails with a split board. Should you be afraid of all this? Not at all. Snowboarding still remains the coolest thing to do. And just because of this, we created detailed texts for every product and our specialists tell you all about every kind of board constructions, technologies or fabrics. To follow up with the newest gear Sequence also tested many products in collaboration with the most important snowboard shops, with the best coaches of the most important schools and former pros in Les 2 Alpes, France, by Facciosnao friends for a deeper and more detailed product experience.

The editorial staff and ‘Fifth Season’ will always be there, wherever there is a major trade show, on the most important European shops’ counters, inside your mail box – if you are one of our subscribers, during the best events and many test tours on the mountains. Basically, anywhere there is snow for the whole wintertime – it is a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

That’s it for now, enjoy the winter season and pick the right gear for you because your friends can’t wait to leave you in the dust!