Fise day 2, Yes, yes, yes… noo!

We cannot say we were kissed by the sun, but anyway the day was worthwhile.
Bang, bang, bang, Wakeboard, Slopestyle, it’s raining, off-the-cut BMX session under a porch made by anybody was or came there, stop for a while, Flatland, qualifications, it rains, stop all, let’s come back to the flatland, no!, the Slopestyle qualifications are starting, run!, Dirt qualifications… it rains, fuck off!!!!

No scheduled times, everything as soon and as much they and we could see, panic at any moment, adrenaline everywhere, huge wakeboard structures and so its athletes, Slopestyle as motocross freestyle even for the reached speed, dirt fascinating as always. What more?!? You’ll see. Tomorrow is another day.