Fise, our day 1 finally … ouch!

Traditions have to be respected, and so is the presence of Behinders to Fise.

On the run, foretasting the soily smell of 4 days of battles, 400 french kms of uninterrupted rain welcomed us, as much as the rest of the day on the field full of mud and water.

Not a problem for the wakeboard athletes, but try to figure out the hydroplaning on bmxs and skates with slick tyres.

As for any problem there’s a solution, an army of “authorized personnel” was ready, mops and shovels on their side, to make the structures and jumps shining right after waving the clouds ( momentarily ) goodbye.

This is how the bmx condors inflamed the street area in an air challenge where they touched more than 3,5 mts over the coping of the biggest quarter.
1/2 hour of pure panic.

Before going to bed, dedicate 3 minutes to say a little prayer for a sunny tomorrow, you’ll be rewarded with a succulent report.