FIse Xperience Series 2008

It’s not a battle, this is a real war.
FISE XPERIENCE TOUR 2008, supported by Fiat Freestyle Team, will touch different french corners, from Grand Champ on 23rd and 24th February to La Plagne from 11th to 14th July, through Auron, Montpellier (the main stage, from 30th to 4th May), Rennes et Mandelieu.

It consists in a series of bmx contests, each of them with a different points coefficient, by which the final score will be calculated depending on the position reached in the ranking.
If you are wondering “why all this?”, well, just know that the first prize will be a Fiat Panda 4×4, and a money prize. Is it clear now?

So, next meeting point in Auron, from 3rd to 6th April. What are you waiting for? Are yiu still watching the monitor?