Five Ten and Danny MacAskill

Danny has been keeping busy over the last few months; his huge YouTube success “Way Back Home” he filmed together with Red Bull was followed by his next movie project “Streets of London” on which a series of how clips are based – all filmed with the support of his clothing partner digdeep. MacAskill, who holds the distinction of having the most- viewed sports video in YouTube history (over 23 million) for his incredible bike riding stunts, had been trying out Five Tens line of Free Ride shoes during the shooting of his follow-up movie “Way Back Home” when the deal was struck.

Five Ten’s Stealth rubber and the footwear’s rugged construction won over the star who typically trashes other shoes in as little as a week.

“When I am riding, staying on the pedals is paramount because I am putting myself on the line. I want to continue to progress and I need to have equipment that will let me do that. Five Ten are the only shoes up to the task.” said MacAskill. “My shoes are a really important piece of equipment. I can’t afford to have failure on the pedals.”

Five Ten, a family-owned shoe company that dominates the gravity mountain bike scene and slopestyle world made its name in the vertical climbing market when founder, Charles Cole developed Stealth® rubber. Stealth rubber is a proprietary rubber compound that offers the highest friction for specific activities, like climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering and hiking.

Cole was thrilled with the news that Danny loved the shoes. “The signing of MacAskill is in-line with our “core not corporate” culture because Danny is the real deal,” says Cole. “Danny’s a core rider and his level of riding is a perfect fit with our other world champion athletes.”

Other Five Ten athletes include downhill World Champions Sam Hill and Greg Minnaar. Five Ten also provided shoes for Tom Cruise to wear in Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol. Five Ten joins Red Bull, digdeep clothing, POC and Inspired Bicycles as MacAskill’s premier sponsors.

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