For the first time the mototherapy rides a snowmobile

The mototherapy, conceived some years ago by the rider Vanni Oddera and continued to this day by all members of DaBoot, is now well established. Last week’s mototherapy on a snowmobile, however, was a premiere!

On February, Alvaro and his staff, along with DaBoot riders Jason Cesco, Davide Rossi, Jannik Anzola and Leo Fini, went to Max Tosi’s White Sled snowmobiles rent in Selva di Cadore (BL), for a day of sports and fun along with fifty disabled people, belonging to the various local companies operating in the sector.


The day was wonderful, thanks to a bright sun and the fantastic backdrop of Val Fiorentina.

Alvaro, as usual, welcomed and entertained all people with gags, many laughter and shouting: it was much appreciated by the audience who, after several editions of mototerapia, are definitely attached to Alve and DaBoot riders.

After this funny intro riders and staff, led by Jason Cesco, begun a session of drifting, jumps, and curves taking advantage of the fresh-fallen snow, entertaining everyone and generating a series of very positive feelings.

After the performance came the moment for the boys to take a ride as snowmobile passengers, guided and assisted by riders and staff. A new and fantastic emotion which, although for someone with a little bit of fear, was appreciated by all!

After the sport it has comethe time for conviviality: organizers, disabled people, carers and staff went to the adjacent Baita Flora Alpina to dine alltoghether, and to spend some time joking, singing and having fun.

This first winter edition of mototerapia has been very positive. Organizers are very satisfied, and hope to replicate the event as soon as possible.

It’s important to greet and thank those who contributed to make this wonderful day of sport, fun and solidarity happen:

city of Selva di Cadore, in the persons of the mayor and deputy mayor Ivano dall’Acqua and Silvia Cestaro, Local Police of Selva di Cadore, Max Tosi of White Sled Selva, Magnifica Regola di Selva e Pescul, Centro Fondo Peronaz, Baita Flora Alpina, the riders Jason Cesco, Davide Rossi, Jannik Anzola and Leo Fini, the staff (Simone Feltrin and Stefano Pescador), Wega and Piazza Rosa companies which paid lunch and freebies for the participants.