From Romania With Love

Andy Fazekas, a young student from Sibiu, could probably never imagine that a present what he got from his German relatives in 1984 would have such a big impact on the youth in communist Romania.

A short time later he was appointed from the former communist general secretary of Romania, Nicolae Ceaucescu, to present the sport snowboarding during a big winter event to the whole nation.

With the years a passionate scene developed in the Transylvanian mountain region in Romania. They dedicated their whole attention to develop that new sport in their way in the whole country. Self-made snowboards due to the bad economic situation most people have been into, problems with resorts, missing snowparks and the general intolerance towards the sport have been the scene´s daily routine. But still no one got discouraged and tried to achieve and live his dream of snowboarding.

The movie tells the story of a road trip through the Romanian freestyle snowboard scene. With professional snowboarders from countries like Slovakia, France, Poland or Hungary we met up with locals and professional riders from Romania to discover the Carpathian mountain region. Interesting interviews about the development of sport and scene but also problems Romanian riders have to deal with are completed with the most progressive eastern European freestyle snowboarding.

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