Fvtvra skateboards and Iuter teamed up for a crossover collection

FVTVRA Skateboards and IUTER are two renowed Italian street brands: the first one is the most progressive national skateboard company, named after an artistic movement.

Iuter is the loud name of a snowboarder crew first, then become an household in street fashion sweeping through music, boarsport and general freeride stuff.

The outcome is a nice collection made three t shirt designes matched with three skate decks: 7″3/4, 8 “, 8” 1/4.

The FvtvraXIuter stuff are exclusively avaible from Blast Distribution in 150 pieces each, so better move on to get some of ’em before they’re over.

Fvtvra skateboard team riders Mattia Turco, Andrea Colzani, Fede Peroni and Simone Chiolerio filmed a short clip out by the end of the month to celebrate the launch of the ltd. collection.