Garda Lake Skate Tour

Garda Lake Skate Tour
What’s better than spending Easter with whoever you want?
Once upon a time, during a long weekend, a bunch of skaters a.k.a. Brutus Klan, thanks to the help of a shop, through an exchange of e-mails, left  with some friends and a photographer to the Lake, which one is to be defined yet.
Some backpacks, a stock of Strange boards, a couple of cameras and a videocamera, sooo maaany beeeers. And they reached a flat in Ledro Lake, they lived the Riva Scene, with the guys of  Go-Fast and Stilophic, they fought in 3 different skate parks, one for each day, in the sun, under flying wild boars, among kids rocking and smashing.  The end of the tale? Do you really want it to end?

Here the Photobook.

Words: Davide Fioraso / Translation: Fra