GBP Busit DVD Christmas Premier at NUCLUB Vicenza

Spend your Christmas night with the Gremlinz!

On wed. 25, 2013, from 11.30 pm, at NuClub in Vicenza the new video documentary BUSIT will be screend for the first time in Italy.


After the premier the party will go on with Dj Zax, Dj Zac and Mc Betsy and a mean selecta of Hip Hop, R&B and Trap tunes!


The event is promoted by Alone Collective, Sambo Shop and us, as media Partner.


About Gremlinz
GBP started in elementary school when they all ganged up on a skateboarding snowboarding level, they used to skate everyday in the summer an ride as much as they could in the winter gradually we all started migrating west an most of ended up in Lake Tahoe, Some Big Bear. Quickly took over these spots an started multiplying quickly by syncin up wit all the real people out in these areas, after those places were invaded they started to migrate down south towards Huntington an got down wit Everyone At JSLV and they Combined Family.

For info and bookings at NuClub
Phone: 0039 340 819 3406