Get to know Anthony Napolitan

When it comes to the world of BMX dirt jumping, Anthony Napolitan is a major player. He broke out big-time onto the contest scene in 2006, earning a bronze medal in Dirt at the X Games and taking home the overall title on the five-stop Dew Tour. He added another X Games bronze in Big Air competition in 2007, and made history at the event in 2009 by landing the first-ever double frontflip in competition.

The 2009 Dirt World Champion, Anthony is packing a grip of innovative frontflip and 360 variations and hits the dirt with a silky smooth style. He recently joined the Red Bull family for 2010, so here’s a quick rundown on this frontflipping, GTI-driving neat-freak from Ohio…

Age: 23
Born: Youngstown, Ohio
Lives: State College, Pennsylvania

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Photos by Nicholas Schrunk courtesy of Red Bull Photofiles.