Ghost town shoot: Danny MacAskill BTS gallery

To compliment Danny MacAskill’s latest short film Epecuén, photographer Fred Murray shot a number of cool shots of the rider on location.

The video was filmed in the incredible setting of Villa Epecuén; a once-thriving tourist town submerged by floodwaters for 25 years, making it uninhabitable.

The film features a number of ‘firsts’ – including a world first ‘Bump Front Flip’. Enjoy the accompanying gallery of Murray’s shots!

RedBullIllume_Fred_Murray__Red_Bull_Content_Pool_006 RedBullIllume_Fred_Murray__Red_Bull_Content_Pool_005 RedBullIllume_Fred_Murray__Red_Bull_Content_Pool_004 RedBullIllume_Fred_Murray__Red_Bull_Content_Pool_003 RedBullIllume_Fred_Murray__Red_Bull_Content_Pool_002 RedBullIllume_Fred_Murray__Red_Bull_Content_Pool_001

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