Girl goes for Double

Congratulations to DC pro snowboarder Kimmy Fasani who landed the first women’s double backflip last Thursday during a snowboarding trip in Silverton. You’ll have to wait until this fall to see Kimmy stick the landing, when Standard Films releases its next movie TB20.

The double backflip was something that the 26-year-old snowboarder had been thinking about for more than a year, but it was only last week that everything lined up. With good conditions on her side and a supportive crew cheering her on, Kimmy decided to go for it. For those who know the dedicated and fearless snowboarder, it was no surprise she landed the trick after just three attempts.

“I couldn’t be happier right now” said Kimmy. “I made an ambitious list of goals for this year and doing the double backflip was at the top of that list. This just further proves that I can do whatever I put my mind to doing. Being surrounded by positive and motivated people is what allows the progression of any sport to happen, and I’m really excited to be doing that for snowboarding. I can only hope the rest of my season comes together like last past week did”.

Kimmy will spend the rest of the season travelling between Whistler, BC and California, riding in the backcountry and filming with the Standard Films crew. For more info on Kimmy visit