Gnarly clothing

Keegan Valaika, Jonas Michilot and Nate Bozung just founded a clothing company called Gnarly Clothing, named after the infamous Gnarly Crew destroyin’ Bear Mountain park all winter long. Below the press release:

Laguna Beach, CA.

The Bad News Bears of snowboarding join together to collaborate on a new, long awaited clothing company dropping in stores this month.

Founded in Laguna Beach, we got together with a crew of good friends and decided to take a crack at saving snowboarding.

” I’m over trying to make up some fake quote. I’m just hyped most of my favorite snowboarders are all on the same team together”
~Keegan Valaika

The way we see it this really shouldn’t be to difficult. We put people we like on the team and let them do what they want. We’re just here to have a good time.

Above all….. Don’t take us too seriously. We called this thing Gnarly, sorry if you don’t get it!