Go Big or Go Home, Szymon Godziek wins

The name of this year’s winner of the Go Big or Go Home is Szymon Godziek. In the extremely exciting contest the 19-year old Polish rider was able to prevail against his 11 competitors in the finals and secure himself the biggest junk of the 10,000 € prize purse.

In the very well visited Action Sports Hall on the grounds of the Messe München the air was sizzling with excitement as the international dirt jump stars showed their best tricks at this Silver event of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour. In the end, no one was able to touch Szymon Godziek when it came to his skill level – even though 17-year-old talent Thomas Genon (BEL) only barely missed first place. The Spaniard Bienvenido Alba came in on third place.

The decision to move the dirt jump event of the BIKE EXPO indoors proved to be a great call – as one look at the weather outside would show. Thanks to the brand new action sports hall, the organizers were able to hold a great contest without any interruptions in spite of the moody July weather.

The Go Big or Go Home turned out to be a true crowd magnet and the numerous spectators were able to admire some extreme tricks the international stars showed on the very fast course. For an extra helping of velocity, the starting tower dropped the riders from a height of 5 meters into the course.

Check out the results of the finals:

1. Szymon Godziek (POL)
2. Thomas Genon (BEL)
3. Bienvenido Alba (ESP)
4. Peter Henke (GER)
5. Jan Netrval (CZE)
6. Lance McDermott (GBR)
7. Louis Reboul (FRA)
8. Patrick Leitner (AUT)
9. Teo Gustavson (SWE)
10. Benny Korthaus (GER)
11. Urs Reinosch (GER)
12. Adrian Tell (NOR)

Szymon Godziek was able to transform the speed into an impressive 2nd run that secured him first place: after a 360 drop in, the young rider from Poland showed a flip barspin, a double tailwhip on the second jump and finished the run with a sensational tailwhip to barspin on the last hit.

His was clearly the best run of the day. Belgian Thomas Genon made sure the jury did not have an easy decision putting him in second place with a superclean double tailwhip, a truck driver to x-up followed by a 360 tailwhip. As usual, Bienvenido Alba created a great show for the crowd with his run that secured him third place: an extremely stylish flip superman on the first hit, frontflip on the second and a technically flawless backflip tailwhip on the last jump.

The Rollei Best Trick Contest was a real crowd pleaser. The riders were having fun on the course and that was easy to see. Great tricks were thrown down e.g. by the young Swede Teo Gustavson with a 360-tailwhip followed by an opposite 360-tailwhip. Also Szymon Godziek’s tailwhip to barspin impressed the judges. But in the end, it was Lance McDermott (GBR) who wowed the jury the most with a clean landed double backflip.

More info: www.bike-expo.com and www.gobigorgohome.de
Photos by David Ulrich, courtesy of rasoulution.