Go Metal

So far from home, so close to  the top of the world under a blanket of stars. Ride hard and party harder.
Vetan Metal Reunion, Vetan, End October 2009.

Piotta, Ciccio, Bubba, Galimbah, Sudizzi, Monta, Christophe, Gianni, Giacomo, Laurent, Morbido, Cecca, Alain, Fabien, The blonde, Mollo, Caroline, Mien, Elena, Edo, The Sadsevendays, Zambo, Zancoman, Paul, Yudri, Michel, Julien, Corrado, Diego, Nazi,Rob,Virgy, Elisa, Mary, Fra, Lance, Marco, Sonia, Edo, Manu, Simo, Zuma Bilot, Gilu…..someone’s surely missing….



Broken brakes, broken shocks, broken disks, broken inner tubes, broken fences in broken rooms, broken statues, broken bones, the amazing trails full of curves, regenerating enormous ham sandwiches, furry cats with or without paws meeeeeooooo!, go riding again and again, to the mine! sunset’s getting closer to shadows lying and dancing on the grass, the aperitif, let’s start partying!, rivers of red wine for challenges to the last drop, thanks Johnny, thank you so much for letting the party go on god bless you, dead alcohol addicted resting in peace throughout the garden, another day creeping up on guardians looking for it talking on the roof, time to say good bye, not before polenta with sausages and wheels bolts mounting lessons, off-the-cuff rampage session, the helicopter landing on our heads, let’s hope for the best.


A new night is coming, time to come back to the faraway home, goodye Vetan, we’ll miss you so much. Until next year. Sure.