Good Friends Never Let You Down – Carnival Jam 010

They can be monsters, 70’s combs-activists and book-keepers , tiger men. You miss them, they run to you all together.. or better, you run to them, but there’s nothing you can do to escape it.

That’s how a very unusual Carnival day goes, with a latex fork-tounged Lockness table-topping among thousand bmxers in a sunny Februay day risking his webbed paws in the sprokes, people coming from all over northern Italy with beers, hot sandwiches from the supermarket, their bikes and so much longing to challenge… the british!

Yes, the 2 aliens coming from overseas marked Federal. They don’t talk, they don’t smile, they ride … tough. It’s impossible to list the countless tricks uring their runs, steadily over heads turned up to the sun and to their backlight shape.

And then, if we told what they did…we should kill you then. Jokes aside, describing what they did couldn’t give you the idea of how astonished we all remained, and we’re talikng about more than 80 riders, excluding photographers, girlfriends, friends or riders and girlfriends ( ops! ), audience.

8 hours of a premature a little cold spring day passed at the speedlight, ended with a very tasteful beer kindly produced and offered by the evergreen bmx-racer Fabio Limonta, born in bmx-race, and dying in the same way as far as he says. Bmx race ’till the end, fuck freestyle! … ok guys, now you can kill him!

Callemarconi made all that possible, inviting Mark Love and Dan Lacey, and calling to arms some among the best italian riders like “TysonTisoni, Fabio Limonta, Ale Kid Barraco, Alessandro Froio, Ivan Piloti, Langer, Cocis, Mitch.

We just attended the event @ the bouwl in Parco Lambro in Milan, and we can’t really figure out what happened the days before, spent wandering in bowls and parks and streets of any kind from Bergamo to Milan. Destroyed rails, crumbled walls, trails of unrolled tongues. Just good stuff for the sweet dreams of the next 3-4 weeks, then the withdrawal symptoms will start again.