Hands off the chair lift way out!

We all know that snowbaord is a very hard business to learn, harder for your swollen ass. We all know that coming down from the chair lift ( the unknown monster we see flying over our heads taking to a vague place in hell from where you can’t come back wihtout suffering ) implies a big deal of panic, sweat and autogenic training, that the first descent with one foot free seems like fighting with a wild boar, naked, just counting on your survival skill.
But when you’ve done it once, it’s done!!

Consider that the first time provides you with the complete basic technical informations you might require regarding the chair lift structure and inconveniences…. including the fact that the staff usually doesn’t maintain the place smooth ( too cold outside to move the shovel ).
So, if your brain works fine even under 0°, you can’t pretend to dive out the chair lift and not to move 5 cms. further every time!
A: you didn’t buy the descent space. It’s public, not yours.
B: we perfectly understand your difficulties, but to evolve human race has to move forward! Just do it…
C: you didn’t survive a plane crash and you have not to kiss the soil every damn time.
D: if every single person decided not to move from there as you usually do, every 1/2 hour the snowmobile should drag a pile of moaning compressed mixture of flesh and boards, and no one would go skiing there anymore, and the fault would be yours, and you should compensate every penny for season losses.

So, stay relaxed, soft legs, look at the safe point you mean to reach, don’t care of anyone around you, the target is getting as far as possible ( 2 mts. at least ) from the chair lift curve, possibly on the sides even if it could seem harder.
And in case you decided not to follow our advices, just consider that some of us broke their bones at that same point where you love to curl up, ’cause of someone curled up; and that in case of survival, people just aim to kill to stay alive. Consider us your wild boars, in that case.