HEAD and Edding DIY: design it yourself contest

When a museum visitor says, “A five-year-old could have painted that,” it isn’t usually meant as a compliment. With PAL, graffiti legend Loomit’s five-year-old son, it’s another story altogether.

He’s already big in the design business and has designed the complete TEAM setup, including the board, bindings, and helmet, for HEAD.

But their appearance is far from being complete, since thanks to the board and helmet’s special surfaces, you can put your master touch on the designs using the Edding markers included. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind you can take as your own personal artwork into the snow.

If this gets your creative juices flowing, it’s time to get into action. After all, we’re curious which masterpieces will emerge from our products when the Eddings come into the picture.

That’s why, starting October 1st, you’ll have the chance to measure your own creation with entries from all over the world by sending us photos of your personal interpretation of the TEAM board, either as Email to snowboard@ridehead.com or the traditional way to HEAD Snowboards, “Edding”, Velaskostraße 8, D-85622 Feldkirchen. If you don’t have an original board hanging over your bed yet, there’s a PDF download just waiting for you to customize and upload at www.ridehead.com/edding

Efforts will be duly rewarded and the best three entries can look forward to:
1st Prize: a complete set (board, bindings, and helmet) in the TEAM design plus an EDDING maxi set
2nd Prize: a HEAD TEAM skateboard plus t-shirt in the TEAM design plus an EDDING maxi set
3rd Prize: a TEAM t-shirt plus an EDDING maxi set

So send your artistic effusions by December 31st and you just might be able to start new year with new stuff!