Helgasons.com launches new website

Akureyri, Iceland – Hip Hip Hooray! – the new version of helgasons.com is now live, optimized to give the world a sneak peak into the über creative and slightly mad minds of Eiki, Halldor and their personal filmer Lord Johannes Brenning.

Me and Halldor started the blog just for fun and it has blown up since then” says Eiki. “Our edits are about to break 1/2 million views in less than five months so we felt we needed a better home for them.

The process started when the brothers posted a request on their facebook fan page, looking for someone to take their website to the next level. Henrik Gustavsson and Oscar Nilsson, two fans who run Noh Design as a school project picked up on the post and created the new website.

We didn’t want to ruin the simplicity, style and feel of the previous site and the Noh Design dudes has been on the same level as us from day one. I really like the result, it’s off da hook!” says Eiki

The new site also features a fixed space that will showcase the latest snowboarding edit with a higher production value and the brand new Helgason Theater, a separate movie room where you can see all the top edits made by filmer and editor Johannes Brenning.

Helgasons.com is all about documenting what we think is fun at the moment. Normally we have 5-7 posts a week and it’s easy to miss out on the best films if you don’t log on the site for a couple of days” says Johannes. “We wanted to create a space where you can watch the edits we’re extra proud of, films that are made for watching more than once.

This season the hard working brothers are filming full time for both Standard Films and Pirates Films. On top of that Eiki films for Rome SDS two year project “The Shred Remains” so the short movie updates on helgasons.com documents what goes on behind the big lenses.

When we’re filming for our parts the focus is to get bangers that stands out. With the website it’s all about us having fun and messing around. I think it’s good to show that side of snowboarding as well since I think it’s something that most snowboarders can relate to.” says Halldor. “It’s madness how popular helgasons.com has become in such a short period. We’re stoked that Blue Tomato, DC, Rome and Skullcandy has decided to back the website and our filmer so we can take it to the next level – Helgasons.com will soon be bigger than facebook…

Next on the agenda for Halldor is a short break from the filming to compete at the X Games in Tignes this week. By his side you will find his trusted filmer documenting every step that goes on when the TV camera isn’t on. Make sure to tune into Helgasons.com for your daily update and most likely an X rated episode of Helgason Hills from the french alps!