Helgasons Launch the first branded and buckled shoelace belt: 7/9/13

Snowboard wizards and young enterpreneurs Helgasons bros have launched the world first branded and buckled shoelace belt: 7/9/13.

The brothers recognized a normal shoelace belt never tightened properly and was impratical.
They discovered the solution was a buckle that allows the belt to stay put and release quick for confort and functionality. Mixed with kick ass colourways and individual pro-model designs.

“We wanted to start a new brand where we could get creative and just have fun. Belt are normally standard and very boring so we tought it was perfect for us. We only wear shoelace belts but wanted to find a way to make them work better and design some sick graphics” says Eiki.

The brothers have pulled togheter the most creative snowboarders in the world to form the 7/9/13 team.

“I’m very proud to have all our favourite riders onboard, this is my dream team! These expert test pilots will wear, design and help develop the products” Says Halldor.

7/9/13 is proud to introduce the team, a global force for good, or bad:

Eiki Helgason
Halldor Helgason
Eero Ettala
Scott Stevens
Aaron Biittner
Johnnie Paxson
Chris Grenier
Jake Olson-Elm
Ryan Paul
Jake Kuzyk
Nick Dirks
Gulli Gudmundsson
Leo Crawford
E-Man Anderson
Risto Ruokola
Ulrik Badertscher


7/9/13 represents the riders true spirit and therefore will be avaible in selected snow and and action sport stores around the globe and on www.sevennine13.com

A pack contains 3 different belts, 3 buckles and a sticker.

Check also facebook.com/sevennine13 for updated and to get in touch with the guys…