Hooked from Pirates movie productions

Not only will you witness torture and murder – but Hooked will also feature all aspects of creative snowboarding – expect mad rail slaughtering, natural backcountry jumps mixed up with fine cinematography!

The movie represents the potential of European Snowboarding at it’s finest and as always the DVD release will come out in a 100 page art book. This analog bonus material this time covers different arty talents of involved pirates and friends.

Athletes: Halldor Helgason; Eiki Helgason; Marco Feichtner; Juuso Laivisto; Tyler Chorlton; Gigi Rüf;  Sani Alibabic; Stephan Maurer; Arthur Longo; Björn Hartweger; Hans Ahlund; Danny Larsen; Gulli Gudmundson; Stian Solberg; Gerome“Coincoin”Matthieu; Teo Konttinen; Kalle Ohlson; Erik Botner; Elias Elhardt

Also their website got a major update. Beside the new “Hooked” teaser all content has been updated. The new riders got their profiles up and running and all content is now available for iphone and ipad – have a look!