I am Sean Watson Eh?

Outside it’s getting cold and wet, but bike heads hold on and ride their bike no matter the weather: we’re with them. I bet Sean is one of us, too. Sean is a nice dude from Canada, who chosen to ride a breakless rigid 24″ instead of catching himself down the gorgeous descents of his country. And he was damn right! He’s like at the next step of the trial evolution Uk trialist like Danny Mackaskill put under the spotlight with the infamous tube clip. His riding is truly original, fresh and make you wanna take your bike and get out to have fun. Oh, I almost forgot he’s a really talented actor…..

Hi Sean: what are you doing and where are right now?
I am currently working on a chainless edit which should be coming out within the next week or so, I am also working at Mud Sweat and Gears your local Canadian Inspired dealer and all around slick shop. As of right now I am sitting here in Mud Sweat and Gears in Sherwood Park Alberta Canada.

How came that a Canadian boy ended doin trials insead of catching down the mountains on a full suspended rig? Or are you doing that, too?
Na… no downhilling for me, I loved the way trials can be thrown into any type of riding, it is a very diverse type of biking. I dont really ride 100 percent trials, and lately Im sure that number is sitting somewhere around 20% trials and the rest street.

I read somewhere you recently stopped your 9-5 work to be able to ride more and you started working part time in a bike shop…did it helped to improve your skills? How it is your average day now?
I did decide to quite my real job a couple years ago and no regrets on my end, my day consists of going to work then hitting the streets to throw down some slick tricks, but with the creative thing I sometimes just like to drive around and find different weird spots to ride.

I have noticed your clips and I found that you put an high level of fun factor in them, beside real good riding. Is it your style or you structured the clips in that way properly?
Its a bit of both I would say, I never would dream of going out on my bike and not at least try to have fun, after all thats what its all about, messing around and coming up with new tricks.

Your bike sponsor push a different kind of trial, more street oriented: faster, bigger and  louder than average trial. Your riding is way more street influenced. Do you think that this is the future for trial biking?
What ever the future is im happy with, there is no way to tell what is in store for the trials community, lots of street trials riders hate on TGS (Tap Gap Side hop) and lots of TGS riders hate on the street trials riders, its all riding, wether you ride cross country, downhill, street or trials you are on a bike having fun.

Where do your “bike roots” come from? You started from street/dirt, or classic trial..or whatever?
Everything! BMX, cross country, dirt jumping, street, trials. Really the only one I have not been in to was downhill and thats because Im too attached to my Inspired now, haha

How it is the trial scene up there in Canada? You had a well known trial pro in BC: Ryan Leech. You know him?
I have met Leech a few times, he tends to be quiet but an all around nice guy. The trials scene here is really picking up judging from the ammount of Inspireds I see on the streets now.

You recently came down to UK and consequently see the Uk trial scene; how it is compared to your home scene? Seems that this kind of riding is getting bigger in UK…
It is deffinately larger than Canada’s but we are catching up quickly, watch out UK!

Who were the riders you looked up when you started riding?
I liked people like Nigel Sylvester (BMX) Steve Hamilton (BMX) now I like to see people like Ali C or Danny Mac go out and kill it or Tate Roskelley who just goes out and does their own thing.

I saw clips where you rode brakeless; how can you stall on your back wheel with no brake?
Balance and drive train, and some practice

For ignorant people like me: which is the main difference from a trial bike like your and and average dirt-street frame? I have an old DMR and it seem very similar to your..
The Inspireds have a higher BB which I find makes street moves alot easier as well as a longer top tube and a lower stand over height, I just do not feel comfortable on any other bike anymore, the Inspireds are designed too well!

You produce tons of clips: i found plenty of ’em both on the tube, on vimeo…almost everything on the web. Do you like filming because it’s the best way to show your skills or for the pure joy of filming? I noticed you’re also pretty photogenic ah ah..
I love to film and edit video! Its not about showing off, its all about the fun man!


What does Sean Watson do when he’s not hopping on his 24″  wheels or filming friends?
Hmmmmm… I hate relaxing, I just cant sit in one place for more than a few minutes. I always have something to do just cant really think of any certian things that I do. Whatever happens, happens…

Thank you for your time Sean, hope to see more clips from you in the future and wish you a bright career..
Thank you Ross, and thanks to everyone that watches my videos, now get on your bike and invent some slick maneuvers!