I am snowboarding

In honor of Jeff’s 30th birthday and to raise money for the JLA Memorial Fund, a group of world-renowned photographers and artists, friends of Jeff and of snowboarding have come together to create a unparalleled body of work titled, I AM SNOWBOARDING.

One photographer is paired with one artist to create an original 30” x 40” piece. A photo of Jeff, shot by the photographer, has been enlarged onto archival canvas upon which the artist paints or uses any medium to create a unique collaborative work.

The resulting pieces are one of a kind, the partnerships formed in this project a tribute to the depth of the snowboarding, skateboarding and art communities.

All proceeds from I AM SNOWBOARDING go directly to the JLA Memorial Fund – the completion of the Brothers Skateboard Park in Mammoth and the support of local art.

Prints are available online through ASYMBOL, and the originals will be auctioned at the end of winter when they are done traveling.

The photographers who collaborated to the project are top-notch pieces in the snowboard biz.

Danny Zapalac – Bryan Iguchi
Cheyenne Ellis – Matty Thompson
Chris Brunkhart – Matt Donahue
Jane Baer – Mark Gonzales
Tim Zimmerman – Mike Parillo
Jared Eberhardt – Michael Jager
Jane Baer – Jamie Lynn
Billy Anderson – RYNo
Shem Roose – Scott Lenhardt
Patrice Miller – Dustin del Giudice
Jeff Curtes – Nick Russian
Todd Hazeltine – 2jaws
Ryan Boyes – Ben Brough
Dean “Blotto” Gray – Shane Charlebois
Jane Baer – Devon Weniger
Stan Evans – Robert “Sticky” Shaw
Jamie Mosberg – Jojo Whitmarsh
Trevor Graves – Adam Haynes
Chris Owen – Tyler Lepore
MMSA/Steven Brown – Stormriders crew
Billy Anderson – Jamie Heinrich
Kevin Zacher – Ethan Anderson