I fell in love with ruggine on the second time.

The title not only aim to be a tip for you all that will see Ruggine 2.5 Turbo Diesel, but it’s a true statement. If the first time I quickly checked the video I saw an evergreen lovely Coldfocus work, the second time I’ve been able to concentrate more and discover a second layer of this little piece of art, and it was not the last. Ruggine 2.5 turbo diesel, in fact, is like a photoshop file, made of several layers, some visible but some others hidden or semi transparent.
While others video hit you like a punch because of their maximum exhaltation of the mere action, coldfocus fine editing sometime hides the technical part of the video, letting you amazed of the video but not of the tricks, at first.

However Ruggine doesn’t pretend to be a latest trick parade, neither want to be a documentary no more. Ruggine can be described more like a real film, with all the parts heavily chained with a logic wire and a story to be told…not really, better say Ruggine is a film viewable from two different perspectives: the first from the eyes of Matteo Maggi, who focuses his attention to the story and the people, then came the Luca Merli view, who seems to be a third person who secretly followed the action, but efficaciously capturing the flavors and smells of the different situations…


The crew is one of the main characters, but there is not one particular rider that get out from the mass, ‘cause they’re all so damn good, plus they appear to be more like a single entity than a group of spare good people good at snowboarding; furthermore, the newcome Stefano Benchimol seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle.  The other main character is Helsinki, but not only because the video is mainly filmed there. Helsinki is important for Ruggine, like a stage for a theatre, with her thousand faces and places, people, landscapes and way to appear.

Ruggine doesn’t hide itself behind the Big Money production image that travel around the world, and is happy to demostrate how many different things you can do on a snowboard in a city ground while other productions fly with elicopters, travel worldwide with planes and ships: the point is that FUN is where you want it to be.
While others video let you forget ‘em after the first amazement, Ruggine slowly slide into your brain and sweetly force you to love it.
In last words, Ruggine can be described as a true love declaration to snowboarding and simplest things, spreading love and good vibes in every sincle clip of its 23 minutes run.
Now run to the newstand and go buy your copy of Ruggine 2.5 TD, that’s comin’ out right now with On Board Magazine (the Italian one).