I Ride

IRIDE is about bicycle, it’s the philosophy behind what’s now a collective, moving the passion for the racers and fixed-gear bikes into something much much bigger.

It is a project born 1 year and a half ago, a space that people can physically enter.

What brings here the 5 I Ride partners protagonist of this story is their past spent racing on the road and in mountains, in national teams or simply for staying with dad. And as one can get bored of all that but roots last forever, just the time of a chat with beer in hand was enough to recreate the biking spirit that lead them to found what’s now considered a strong reality in Modena .

The sparkle started from a blog where they could tell their experiences on fixed ( and not ) bikes and quickly moved into the need of having walls around them where meeting and hosting anyone who shared the same interests ( or not ).

Dogtown teachs that the community is all we need. And I Ride has quickly become the perfect community, without age restrictions and with complete respect for everybody. Living this Hub is endearing.

www.iridefixed.it, More pictures here.