Ibridi Exhibition

DC Shoes is pleased to invite you to the opening of Ibridi. Starting from May 6th, Azimut Gallery in Torino will be hosting Ibridi (Hybrids), Truly Design’s first anthologic exhibition. Mauro149, Rems182, Ninja1 and Mach505, 4 artists united by graffiti and design, had previously won the 11th edition of Io Espongo, contest open to young artists which offered as prize a month’s exhibition in the prestigious space in central downtown.

Truly Design is an artistic and personal journey, the dare of 8 hands working as 2, the overcoming of the autoreferential phase of every artist merged into a collective dimension, where individual creativity is at the service of everyone, and vice-versa.

The series which will be exhibited in Torino have been created following this scheme: narrations, graphic design, biographies and autobiographies which bring together different personalities, merging conceptual, stylistic and technical interpretations born from years of experience on the streets and contact with the public, which is still the main addressee of the four graffiti writers’ work.

The collective’s mission is to arouse curiosity, instigate elaboration and explore one’s intimacy through the research and style of each artist, evolved from classic graffiti writing into the “graffiti-painting-graphic design-illustration” hybrid, ranging amongst the four disciplines without ever identifying itself in any of them.
The tools and languages of graffiti art have contaminated – and have been contaminated by – other creative trends, worlds apart up to a few years ago.
The exhibition will feature 56 works, of which 26 never showcased in Italy, divided in six series.

graffiti/painting/graphic design/illustration
May 6th – June 6th 2010
Opening May 6th 2010, 6.30 PM – 11.00 PM
Spazio Azimut, Piazza Palazzo di Città 8 – Torino
Visiting hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM-12AM and 3PM-8PM, or by appointment calling +39 338 8545855
Info line 011 5692009