Ignacio Morata joins Burn

Burn Energy Drink is delighted to announce Ignacio Morata will join the new Burn Skateboard program.

One of the most influential skaters in Europe, with a raw natural talent and an easy-on-the-eye style, Spanish trick master Ignacio Morata will be joining the new Burn skate program as part of the Burn Units elite team.

The Burn skate concept has been designed to work alongside gifted and creative skaters such as Ignacio to create new ideals and initiatives that support the foundations of skateboarding while bringing a new edge to projects within the European skate scene.

“I couldn’t believe they wanted me on the team. I heard Rune was on, what they wanted to do, and I am super hyped to be part of it. To have Burn Energy drink as my new sponsor is pretty sick; everything we’ve been talking about sounds exciting to me and I can’t wait to start working with them.”
– Ignacio Morata

Burn are delighted to have Ignacio on board and are looking forward to our future together.

Ignacio ‘Nachete’ Morata; Hailing from San Fernando, Spain, at 25, Nacho, as he’s known to his friends has a far reaching reputation that’s as much a compliment to his character as it is to his progressive approach to street skating. Positivity breeds positivity, and Nacho oozes the stuff. Burn skate team manager Pete King said, “As part of Quiksilvers’ European team, Nacho spends a lot of his time travelling, skating and filming, and as the other lads on the team have told me, he’s great to have at the session as he’s always so stoked to be skating and never takes it too seriously. Fun and progression are driving him to keep pushing the envelope of technical street skating, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot from this chirpy Spaniard for years to come, as his recent footage has been shocking.”

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