In A Flash: Scenic Silhouettes with Miles Holden

Sometimes, we can’t see the forest through the trees anymore, there’s just too much happening in a photo. New Zealand action sports photographer Miles Holden thought the same thing and came up with a concept to bring his photography back down to what matters most.


“Shadows and silhouettes are something I’ve always had a fascination with, though I’ve never had the chance to use them for such an extended period of time,” says Holden in an interview with Red Bull Photography. “My plan was to show the athlete in a big-landscape setting, and create beautiful scenic images with an action element to them.”


Teaming up with local New Zealand mountainbike rider Connor Macfarlane and travelling to the South Island gave Holden the big landscape setting he was looking for. Check out the video to see some of the techniques used and click through the gallery below for the results.

Athlete: Connor Macfarlane
Photographer: Miles Holden
Video: Andy Deere, Heath Patterson

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