In Graubünden, Every Path is a Bike Trail

Graubünden, the largest vacation destination in Switzerland, is one of the most appealing mountain biking regions in the world. Graubünden offers everything to make every biker’s heart beat faster – from downhill adrenaline in Lenzerheide Bike Park, singletrack thrills on the Alps Epic Trail Davos, family fun on the pump tracks in Flims, wonders of nature all around Swiss national parks, or freeriding on the Corviglia Flow Trail in St. Moritz. Thanks to a tolerant attitude on the trails, bikers and hikers get along extremely well, and as a result, Graubünden is particularly proud of the fact that with almost no biking restrictions, every path is also a bike trail.


Thousands of kilometers of top-notch singletracks, exciting bike parks, and many other attractions draw bikers to the five bike destinations Davos Klosters, Lenzerheide, Engadin St. Moritz, Flims, and Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair. Each region has its own specific cultural and scenic characteristics, which is why they offer a particularly unforgettable biking adventure in Graubünden. All these highlights can be reached easily – international guests arrive in Zurich and can get to Graubünden by public transportation within only 90 minutes. All destinations in Graubünden are extremely well connected and easy to reach by train, bus, and mountain railway. In many places, your luggage can simply be transferred from hotel to hotel, and many gondolas are included in the price for accommodation. In addition, professional biking guides are happy to share their secret tips on guided tours. In hotels of all classes certified by graubündenBIKE, time not spent on your bike is also guaranteed to be exciting. With breakfast especially for athletes, bike garages and repair shops, laundry service, bike washing stations, and knowledgeable hoteliers, your downtime is sure to be relaxing and your next tour will definitely get off to a great start. Visitors, who want to leave their bike at home, will easily be able to rent a top-bike in all the destinations of graubündenBIKE.


A Region for Every Type of Mountain Biker
Altitudes of 500 to 3,000 meters (1,640 to 9,842 feet) above sea level, a diverse array of flora and fauna, bike trails and attractions for every taste make Graubünden one of the most appealing bike regions in the world. One example is the multifaceted flow tour. Its singletracks are some of the most beautiful in Graubünden – flowing, alpine, varied, and straight through the middle of the mountains in Chur, Lenzerheide, and all the way to Flims, where a descent on the TREK Runca Trail awaits. Over the course of three days, guests pass through 120 kilometers (75 miles) of wild natural landscapes, with the impressive Rheinschlucht – the “Swiss Grand Canyon” – as the tour’s highlight.


The Lenzerheide Bike Park offers a very different experience. An extremely varied playground with five difficulty levels awaits all bikers – from beginners to professional riders – between the Scharmoin intermediate station and the Rothorn base station. This is also where you will find the current World Cup track, where the 2018 World Championships will be held. For everyone, who wants to discover one-of-a-kind landscapes on their mountain bike, the national park in the Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair region offers one of the most scenic tours in Switzerland. The rocky gorge in Val d’Uina and the Bernina Express Trail are two particular highlights of this tour. The tour circles the entire Swiss national park in four stages.

The Engadin St. Moritz region is not only known for glamorous winter sports, but also for outstanding biking. The Corviglia Flow Trail is an unforgettable descending pump track, which has been harmoniously integrated into the landscape over 480 meters (1,575 feet) of elevation. When riding this flow trail, the spotlight is definitely on the fun factor. The trail leads from the Corviglia top station over the Sass Runzöl and Alp Nova to the Chantarella intermediate station.

Singletrack fans will also get their money’s worth in Davos Klosters, for example on the Alps Epic Trail Davos, which was named an Epic Trail in 2014 by the IMBA. As such, the route from Jakobshorn to Filisur has joined the ranks of the world’s best mountain biking trails. The single track is one of the longest in Switzerland and stands out thanks to its landscape and first-class upkeep – which are both characteristics that apply to all the bike trails throughout the entire Graubünden region.