Infart @ Bassano Del Grappa

On September 6th and 7th Bassano del Grappa will become the European Street Art capital. In these two days the city will be open to the creativity of 80 international artists, which will transform some of the urban areas with graffiti, videos and music. In this occasion there will be a sneak preview of the first Italian art toy.

Infart 3rd edition, 6th and 7th September 2008, it is an occasion you can not miss out, and not only for persons involved in the exhibition. For the first time, the entire European Street Art scene will be in action in the same place and at the same time in the spaces of the Arena Cimberle-Ferrari and the Garage Nardini in Bassano del Grappa, where for two days 80 international artists will meet, confront and challenge each other to paint and transform some urban areas through their art.

The place for this event is in the heart of the old city, but is will be set by some perimeter walls. The ideal space to concentrate culture informally, not only graffiti at visual art but also video shows, music and fun.

The artists participating, will be completely free to express them selves inside the area, they are the best in Europe and have different styles of painting. The Spanish style instinctive and colourful, the French with its minimal draw, passing through the German and Austrian style very technical and graphic getting of course to some of the best Italian street-artists.

Infart 1st edition (June 2006) had totally 600 presences; these became 1200 the year after. All this with a local organization and a little help from the word passed on the web.The event gained already the characteristics of a youth cult phenomenon and is pointing to make a quality jump, with this third edition, thanks to a big improvement both in organization and promotion. Infart turns to all the art lovers that have familiarity with Street Art. The energetic, gritty and generous languages of these artists easily communicate with the urban context and the results will be visible for everyone, in a little open air museum that will remain property of the city.

Infart 3rd edition will be enriched with another event: the launch of Señor Blanco, the first Italian art toy. Art toys are collecting playthings created from artist and designers; they are the expression of an international artistic movement that arises from Japanese design, lowbrow art and street culture. Atom Plastic, first Italian project for the designer toys movement in Italy will present in collaboration with Infart the first ever preview of Señor Blanco. 20 of the street artists guest of Infart together with some of the most interesting Italian graphic, portraying and comic strips creatives will interpret Atom Plastic white toy, using it as a support for their artistic creations in a custom show that will give to Señor Blanco the signature of a cult object


Infart in under the sponsorship of Bassano del Grappa city council.