Isen Seven – UberMovie

I got this new film by German crew Isenseven almost a month ago: it’s still in my dvd player. Isen seven films since …well? (the first i got from them) got the magic power to mesmerize your eyes to the tv, all you want once the film is ended is to go snowboarding. The ISEN7 production company is growth with the riders acting in their flicks, some of them now are Euro rockstars, and so Isen7 is. The formula is simple: great pictures, catchy but not banal tunes, great riding mixed with comic sketches from normal riders living and tons of travelling. Isen seven films are realized in so many places from local resort Hintertux to Canada, New Zeland, Sweden, USA and every shiny spot their actors ride.


Maybe the main ingredients are creativity and fun, mixed to the hi skills of the riders: I think many of them could fit in a major production, but the loyalty to the ISEN7 crew is make the name bigger;
So now we should talk about the riders, but we’re not gonna waste a nice introduction with a mere list of names and tricks: isen seven crew are the same from the origin, so we got Basti Kuhn, Chris Patsch, Andre Troeltzsch, Marco Smolla and many others that year after year are filmed better their improved skills.
So my advice is simple: go buy Uber movies ’cause the guys deserve it.
If you wanna understand better what I’m talkin about, log on and check te monthly clips, you’re be blazed!