It seems the trails are covered with snow

On sunday, especially late in the autumn and winter season, people are supposed to get up very very late after nights of spreeds and liters of beers, trying to warm body and mind not to be overwhelmed by the cold. And then, sit on the couch with hot tea and chocolate biscuits, in front of the tv, and sink beneath the pillows, emerging for a couple of minutes every 2 hours for incorporating oxygen.
But the legend tells that 2 ghostly silhouettes would have been seen yesterday in the sunlight, moving on the secret devil’s spot, chasing the heaps of snow from the trail with strange tools spreading horrible noises, and wheeling 2 bikes at what would be called “the beginning” of the line. It seems also that a lady going for a walk in the woods would have spoken with them. She says that they looked like a tall boy and a girl, nice “people”, politely greeting her while stucked on their bikes as she passed the path under their wheels. Someone heard cries now and then, they seemed like laughings, satsified laughings, sometimes scaring. And then, just trails of wind, sounds of bike’s chain rolling, the very last falling leafs, cold, deep cold, wild cold, cracking of chestnuts, tracks of a wild boar and a clean and tidy trail in the middle of white nowhere.

It would be a great story to tell the children of halloween’s night, but it seems there were photos witnessing the ghosts have really existed.