Italian Renaissance

The project presented by Kalimera and Red Publishing promotes the theme of “communication and creativity related to culture and an economical development” as or as part of exhibitions, conferenes, performances, workshops and other public happenings. The project aims to propose itself as an touring international event, starting from the city of Reggio Emilia to arrive in other cities in Italy, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Italian Renaissance is a collection that gathers together artworks of the most interesting graphic Italian designers and breathes out of the experiences of Kalimera throughout the whole Italian graphic design panorama and the comparison to what is taking place in Europe and around this new world and it’s a new form of expression.

The world tour is reaching its fifth stage… Italian Renaissance will be present, from 25 to 28 october, at Festival della Creatività di Firenze  (Fortezza da Basso). On saturday 27 there will be workshops managed by Kalimera and Studio Kmzero. On saturday and sunday it will be open the bookshop by Red Publishing with lots of national and international books.