Iuter Games 3, official video

Be strong, don’t cry … for 2010 the Iuter Games are gone.
Despite the polar wind and the ice-cold temperatures, despite a broken snowmobile on the roll-in of the only noteworthy kiker, despite the Robby Bragotto status. The Iuter games are over. What are the Iuter Games? Are you serious? What are the Iuter Games? It’s FRIENDS&FUN!

They take place once a year. That once, the Iuter staff are ejected from their offices straight to where Iuter was born, the snow, with the same quite anarchist and dissolute mind they had once and that will never dissipate.
All that, for what? For having their old good friends, the friends from Rome, Perugia, Alto Adige, the mc’s from Piemonte, the youngsters all around, riding together. No best aim.
Despite a kikers line like being in Mammoth, despite the worldwide transmission was off, everybody was there: Lemon8, Garbage Gang, Roiality, NinjaCrew, Sudtirolconnection, Gipies, the locals and more! Peter Gauna, the girlfriends, the girls, the aunties.

It’ simple…if you are reading it, it means you were not there with Iuter… Watch out, and join us next year!