Iuter Games IV

On march 19, 2011 the infamous IUTER GAME are back in Bardonecchia thanx to the collaboration with FIAT Freestyle Team, Invicta and Malibu.

After the big success of the first three editions, the party weekend organized by Iuter Clan will be better than ever with a perfect mix of contest, party and media moguls.

The fulcrum of the event will be the Bardonecchia snowpark where riders will challenge first on the small and the on the big line. In the afternoon riders will move by the half pipe for a special jam to decretate the best trick and the highest air of the day. The riders will self judge and will award the best of ’em with 50 Iuteuro, the event coin, that later will be exchanged at the end of the eventi with real money, for a top prize of Euro 3.000!

The Ollie Contest winner, the happy ending event of the weekend, will fly for a week to Fuerteventura.

Here the IUTER GAMES IV timetable:

09:00: Skipass giveaway @ Invicta Reception at the base of Melezet Park;

10:00: Meeting point @ FIAT Freestyle Team Lounge at the top of the park – small jibbing line: 400 euro;

11:30: Meeting point @ FIAT Freestyle Team Lounge  – big line: 3 kicker, 1.000 euro;

1:00 pm: Meeting point @ FIAT Freestyle Team Lounge – big line: rail (200), Invicta (200), kicker 18m (400), funbox (400): total 1.200 euro;

2:45 pm: Halfpipe, best trick and highest air: 200+200 = 400 euro;

3:30 pm: Malibu ollie contest: 1° place a week to Fuerteventura at Orange House;

4:00 pm: Prizegiving.

At the end of the contest day riders will move to Bardonecchia city, for an appetizer time at Garage with dj-set from DJ Gammy. The party will go on ’till the morning after at Snow Club by Campo Smith, where Reset! dj set from Milano, Surf Disco from Roma and Saint Catherine Collective from Varazze will contend the consolle to give the best vibe.

Book your weekend package at riderspalace.it, and hurry ’cause there are only a few place left!