Iuter new collection and website

8 years ago a crew of friends and snowboarders decided to identify themselves under the name Iuter. Nowadyas they own a tough 100% Made in Italy clothing brand, with two different collections.

The first shows tee- and sweatshirts with graphics designed by their best artists, like Luca Barcellona, Tristan Vancini, Turbokrapfen, Alberto Antoniazzi and Fabio Verton. They were part of the Iuter embryo, all of them cooperate with different brands, musicians and djs, but they love coming back home, the place where they can give birth to their most irreverent and in your face! works.

In the Uppercut collection presents so many reversible sweatshirts and jackets, underlining the Iuter spirit since its first steps.

Just take a quick look at the catalogue, and you’ll be struck by the attention to the cut, seams and fabrics, like open-work nylon and piquet cotton. The main problem with them will be on which side you should wear them, for sure.

Check out here: http://www.iuter.com/SS2010