Jamie Barrow Sets First Snowboarding Record in Britain

It’s big news for snowboarders in the UK as the young Jamie Barrow reaches incredible speeds of 94 mph in Verbier, Switzerland, setting a new British speed snowboarding record and creating a benchmark for young extreme sports enthusiasts.

Record Breaker and Boardercross Champ
Just 20 years old, Jamie Barrow is already a three time British Junior Boardercross champion and it was his dream to set a new British record. His coach, James Foster had already achieved an unofficial top speed of 82 mph which inspired Barrow to push his limits to the max on the treacherous slopes of Verbier.


“I am absolutely delighted to have achieved what I set out to do here. Setting the first British speed snowboarding record has been two years in the making and to now have the title to my name feels incredible.” – Jamie Barrow

Jamie revealed that contributing factors to his great success were the perfect weather conditions and a fast running track. He also commented on his technique: “I focused everything on staying straight and maintaining my tuck posture.”

Athlete Mentor for Sky Sports
Last year, Barrow became an Athlete Mentor for Sky Sports Living, already raising his sporting profile at such a young age, and he spend much of his time as a mentor visiting schools around the country encouraging young students to take part in sports and physical activities in order to improve both their minds and bodies.

“I am only a few years older than the students that I mentor through Sky Sports Living for Sport and they have been right behind me in setting this new record. Now that the official record is set I hope it inspires some of the students to try out snowboarding for themselves.” – Jamie Barrow

Barrow has set a great benchmark for Great Britain and no doubt many enthusiastic boarders will be up for the challenge of breaking that record and setting a new one!

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