Jamie Thomas: Blue Wednesday at the bastard bowl

On Wednesday, May 18th we received the visit of the legendary Jamie Thomas, milestone in worldwide skateboarding, along with some of the Fallen riders with whom he was on a filming trip between UK, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia. The crew was composed by considerable names in the skate scene like Tommy Sandoval, Tom Asta, Garret Hill, Jack Curtin, Jon Dickson, Dane Burman and Antony Schultz.


With the occasion we had a chat with Jamie Thomas, who tells us in this video interview how to concile being a company man and a skateboarder at the same time, as well as the importance of having a skatepark in the office, very valued issue here at bastard too.

The boys took advantage of the bastard bowl to have a good skate session for stimulating the appetite for their first italian meal, to which we all participated with great pleasure thanks to California Sport’s owner Giampaolo’s invitation.