Jesse Augustinus Smashes the Peanut Butter Rail Jam.

Hailing from the Netherlands and only 16 years old, Jesse Augustinus is well and truly on form.

Every year when the Peanut Butter Rail Jam European Finals rolls into town, you know there will be Europes best riders attending, and this Saturday in Laax was no different, with riders from austria, germany, switzerland, norway, finland, sweden, slovenia, this is always an event people look to for the emerging talent, and this year Jesse Augustinus, came to town, rocked it, and left on a jet plane to the global finals in Mammoth by winning the event!

Jesse’s runs included, on the downbar, a front blunt to 270 to 5-0 and on the tnt dynamite rail a nose press backside 180 out, and back blunt 270 out through the kinked rail. It has always been a goal of
Jesse to ride in California, and so to to win an all expenses trip, its a great way of making that dream come true.

There was strong competition, but after putting in the work on the european circuit over the last few years including winning the Austrian Rookie Challenge at 12 years old, Jesse showed everyone why he is one of the best of the next generation in Europe right now.

Photo by Vernon Deck, courtesy of Nike 6.0