Jib-Vid Evolution

The skate short film contest of the year arrives in Bristol with a £1000 prize purse.

Jib-Vid Evolution pulling in teams from across the UK.
Under 2 weeks to go and Jib-Vid Evolution is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend. Some great teams from across the UK have signed up, bringing top talent from as far as the west coast of Scotland down to compete against the local Bristolians.

For those not native to Bristol, Check out the Bristol Skate Spot map here to learn some of the best places to skate in the city.
Team Entry Deadline This Saturday
This week is the last chance to enter a Jib-Vid Evolution team as entry will officially close this Saturday, 20th September. To enter a team, for free, simply fill in the entry form at jib-videvolution.com.

The Documentary – Part 2

Part two of the three-part documentary following the Whitelines team at the 2008 Winter Oakley Jib-Vid in Mayrhofen is now available online at jib-videvolution.com/video

Follow the team as they enter the final hours of the competition and race against time to finish their final filming and editing.
Very Reasonably priced accomodation is available at the Full Moon Hotel, next to the Jib-Vid HQ. For details check out the event details page of the Jib-Vid Evolution website, or the Full Moon website at www.fmbristol.co.uk.

Please see the attached Press Release for full information on the latest developments.
See you there!

The Jib-Vid Team