Join The Nike Acg Sweetspots Crew

So you’ve seen Henning shred bottomless powder in Canada, Sverre rip down untracked couloirs in Norway and Andreas stomp the unthinkable…. now do you want in on the action?

Do you always end up filming your friends? Is your camera phone/DV camera always full? Do you watch snowsports videos and think ‘I want to get involved’?

Now is your chance.

As part of its groundbreaking Sweetspots project Nike ACG is offering you the opportunity to join the crew on a trip to Chile to film next winter’s first Sweetspot. The group will consist of a filmer, photographer, director and a journalist to showcase Nike ACG riders in their element.

The shoot will take place in July 2008 in Patagonia, one of the last true wilderness areas of the globe, shooting members of the Nike ACG pro team. You will get the chance to learn and develop your creative skills under the watchful eyes of the experts as well as hanging out with the riders.

Check out the Join the Crew page at, upload examples of your work and tell us what you are about.


Nike ACG invites you to Submit Your Sweetspot directly onto the Nike ACG website. When our panel of judges and riders approves it, it will be featured on the site and you will receive a load of Nike ACG product.

The panel of judges will consist of Nike ACG employees and team riders. Impress these guys and your film will make it onto the Nike ACG website plus you will receive a load of Nike ACG product.

Sweetspots are about purity and performance. They can be tales of epic powder, tricks mastered, new experiences or an unforgettable session with your mates.

Your Sweetspot should be around 3 minutes long, be in a Quicktime format and have a rights free soundtrack.

Cruise over to  for the full brief plus terms & conditions.

Both competitions close April 1 2008. Good luck.