Julien Dupont vs the Gateshead Milennium Bridge

On Tuesday 23rd August, at 10.30 am, world renowned freestyle trials rider and Red Bull athlete Julien Dupont crossed the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, in the most unconventional of ways.

Morning commuters on Tyneside looked on stunned as Julien Dupont waited for the bridge to be raised to its full height before jumping onto the walkway and riding over it in its elevated position.

Known to locals as ‘the blinking eye’, those who blinked would have missed the action altogether as no sooner had Julien mounted the bridge and ridden over it then he was off into the morning sunshine.

The difficulty of the crossing was highlighted when Julien briefly lost traction on the ascent and came close to losing his bike into the tumultuous Tyne below, only to recover and complete the stunning feat. Known for pushing the boundaries of his sport, Julien took things to a new level and found the perfect structure to execute his latest innovation.

After the crossing, a clearly exhilarated yet relieved Julien said, “I am constantly looking for interesting and unique structures to conquer as this is the challenge for all freestyle motorbike trials riders; I want to keep pushing the boundaries of this sport and this project showed that”

Julien applies the parkour philosophy that any obstacle, physical or mental cannot be surpassed to his motorbike riding. His mantra is “freeride everywhere” and it seems there this is nothing this man will not try and ride on his bike.