Just the right tool to freestyle

Men and their tools… it always will be the same. Doesn’t matter if it is a farmer, builder, firemen or in the case of Schneestern a shaper, men love their tools, are fascinated or even obsessed by them.

“For us from Schneestern that might be the case, when we talk about the red machines from PistenBully. When it comes to the equipment we use, we set the same standards like the ones we have for ourselves: Everything needs to work without any compromise and in the end the final outcome is all that matters.”


Well, and how this works out can be measured by the countless successful projects from Schneestern with the help of PistenBully. The quad cork from Billy Morgan, the Slopestyle World Cup in Pyeongchang, the Prime Park Sessions bringing the best athletes of the world to the Stubai Zoo or the Nine Knights 2016, which spawned in two new world records.

All of this are milestone projects in the common history of PistenBully and Schneestern. But there is more to it, then just the usage of a snow groomer, it’s about the development and application of special tools, often under extreme circumstances.


“For more then three years now we stand by our cooperation between “Durach” and “Laupheim” and the results are not only some of the most amazing freestyle projects in the world, but with the “ParkPro” also a machine that is perfect for terrain parks and event setups. For us it is the perfect tool to not only raise the level of our projects, but also for the whole freestyle winter sport itself.

A challenge, we are willing to accept, when great projects like the big Slopestyle event in Pyeongchang in 2018 lie ahead of us. With the right equipment and the now renewal of cooperation with PistenBully the future is bright. Many exciting freestyle projects and even better park machines will follow… even if it is just for our passion about the freestyle sport and the love for our red “toys”.