Kassia Meador video portrait

The athlete portrait about Kassia Meador makes those instants in sport you could not see until today into a fascinating adventure thanks to a special highspeed camera shooting up to 1000 frames a second.

The profile “Catch the Moment” portrays athletes from all over the world like American long board surfer Kassia Meador. Considered one of the most stylish and graceful professional long boarders, Kassia has also made a name for herself as a photographer and constantly embarks on new creative endeavours. Residing in Oceanside California, Kassia travels the world for surf and photography trips trying to catch the moment most days of her life.


California-based surfer, Kassia Meador, was born in 1982 and in addition to being a world famous queen of the waves; she is a multi-talented model, artist, photographer and wetsuit designer, who has successfully started making womens wetsuits functional and fashionable.

First discovering a love of the sea and surfing at the age of 15, Kassia – whose specialties now include nose riding and Classic longboarding – subsequently developed her skills to the max and is currently hailed as one of the best longboarders in the world, with plenty of professional titles confirming this impressive status.

When she is not busy competing, Kassia is passionate about helping others and is an ambassador for various high profile good causes and organizations.