Keepod Bmx Contest, Milan

What’s worse than not having days off duty? Having days off duty to spend with relatives during Eastern holidays.
And what’s better than having free days? Spending them at the Keepod bmx contest, for staying stucked and dazed during the lunches and dinners with relatives during the following Eastern holidays, lost in remindings and feelings.
Plain and simple, like what we saw in Milan, plain for the amazing lines the riders decided to follow, simple for how they managed to let the tricks seem as esay-to-do as possible. A whole day passed in 5 minutes, just the time to enter the park with the sun high in the sky, and to realize some minutes later that it was dark outside. It’s a parallel world that sucks you in and never lets you out anymore.
All the riders were at top-levels, from old guard to the new frescher. Flairs, back-flips, tail whips of all kinds on quarters, mini, banks builts for skaters, which make the mess even harder. The youngest was 12 years-old, and the handlebar of his 20” was taller than him, but that didn’t prevent him from jumping fearless here and there like a grasshopper. Amazing, really amazing. Indeed, we expected to see smelling green or metallic fluids out their bodies, in case they hurted or scratched … but we realized they are simple human beings like us, we saw blood from chins and elbows! And more, before and after the contest all together cheerfully drinking and chatting, I was scared at the thought of a sudden spaceship landing on the roof and sucking us all through its laser beams … nothing! Some of them even ate sandwiches. I’m not sure yet if they are really people made of flesh and bones, next time I’ll try to touch one of them to see if I can delve green pointed ears under their hair.
A quick note on your pads: next time you read about a bmx contest, come with us and enjoy the show. Not being there could take you to hell when the Judgment day will come. Don’t you belive us?

Well, for the winners’ list go to

And tell me if I was wrong.