Kenda Playbiker team and Pila resort togheter again

For the third time Pila bike resort and Kenda Playbiker team teamed up. The crew, just back from Vallée, brang home champion Wyn Masters after New Zealand successes and enrolled also 27 Y.O Edoardo Franco, 2008 Italian DH champion. He’s from Saint-Christophe so he can clain to be at home while training at Pila. On Pila trails Edoardo Franco threw his firstthrusts on a pedal so we can say both he and the resort gre togheter.

More than this, along with Wyn and Edo also Nathan Rankin from NZ and Shaun O’Connor from OZ will train on Bike Stadium trails with the other team pals, with the very important help of the team mechanics Alan Beggin and Nigel Reeve,and supported by team manager Romano Favoino and road manager Friser Britton. Pila is really proud to support a team like this and DH world can’t wait to see the Playbiker team in action.