Kia Ora, kicks off in New Zealand

Winter is finally coming to an end and we can enjoy the first warm days of the year. But at the end of the world in New Zealand winter is just around the corner and therefore the perfect venue for the start of this year’s Cold Water Classic Series 2011!

Sitting on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand, Gisborne is the place in the world that is all too familiar with “firsts”. It is the first city in the world to greet the sun every morning. And it was the first area of New Zealand sighted by Captain James Cook’s Endeavour. And now, between March 23rd and 29th 2011, it will be the first stop and at the same time the most southern surf contest of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series 2011!

Gisborne offers everything that the series represents; remote world-class waves in the cold water and the strong Maori culture bringing further meaning to the event.

Four exceptional surf events in the most isolated places of three continents, from March to October… Four challenging waves under the most extreme and cold conditions… Four events of the ASP Tour, all surrounded by unique landscapes – that’s the Cold Water Classic Series 2011!
Following the resounding success of the tour in the last two years, the toughest and most exhausting surf series makes a much-anticipated return for 2011 uniting the most southern (New Zealand), the most northern (Scotland), the coldest (Canada) and the most classic (California) event of the surf world.
The last years saw the series push the boundaries of surfing in a way never seen before offering some of the best waves of the ASP tour.
Blending adventure, exploration, surf and competition, the Cold Water Classic Series will again inspire and wow surfers and non-surfers in equal measure.
The race for the US$ 50,000 all-over prize-money has begun and we can’t wait to accompany the world’s best and bravest surfers on their amazing adventure around the world!

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