Kindergarten 2011 at Modena

From june 30, 6.30 pm, the Palazzina Vigarani in Modena “Kindergarten”, a collective show with works from world famous street artist such as Futura, Mode2, Os Gêmeos, Tom Sachs, Kostas Seremetis, Boris Tellegen (aka Delta), all by di Giorgio de Mitri.

Organized by Modena Civic Gallery and Fondazione de Mitri of Modena with help from Sartoria Communication e Slam Jam, co-produced by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, the show open a new season for Palazzina Vigarani.

The theme that drive the show is  “kindergarten”, that see art like a game free from boundaries. After about four centuries, the palace host new games from the short circuits and parodies of consumerism from Tom Sachs, the surreal chronicles by Os Gêmeos, the sperimental writing from Futura and Mode2, the constructivism of Boris Tellegen (aka Delta), ’till the pulp iconography from Kostas Seremetis.

The expo begins with the sonic sculpture by Tom Sachs “Toyan’s” (2002), then two Kostas Seremetis sculptures representing an irriverent version of Mickey Mouse “Up Rock” (2011), with a firegun in one hand and a clear symbol in the other.

The “AK46” (2011) bronze sculpture from Futura come with an installation made expresly for Modena show, like Mode2 with “Mother Earth” (2011), working on a site specific installation, and then Delta with a huge sculpture that will be presented right in this occasion.

The brasilian twins Os Gêmeos, will present a new site specific work made during and early summer holiday in Modena.

The opening will feature a dj set from Howie B, dj, producer, sound engineer, musician, and composer of soundtracks for film like “The End of Violence” by Wim Wenders. The dj set go on until 9 pm.

The palace will be open until september 15 from Thursday to Sunday from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm.