“You saw the game on TV, but there is no place to skate around your area? Let’s make our dream come true”.

Swiss photographer Yann Gross documented the first and only East African skate park. An amazing place which has been constructed by the local kids in a suburd of Kampala, Uganda.

Yann says: “…as a skateboarder I was fascinated by the community that had built up around it. I ended up staying there for two months. I became friends with them first, and only then I started to take pictures…“.

Built from the bottom up, the grassroots construction of the first skatepark engender a sense of pride and empowerment in the community of Kitintale. By learning how to skate, the kids developped a sense of belonging to a community and realized a dream. Skateboarding keeps the youth busy and combats the developement of negative habits.

About skateboard in Uganda

About Yann Gross
Born in Vevey (Switzerland) in 1981. Since 2008, member of Piece of Cake (POC). Gross’s work is about identities, dreams and senses of belonging to communities. He won the Photo Espana Descubrimientos Award and was nominated as one of the 13 emerging artists of the year by American Photo Magazine, both in 2008.

All pics courtesy of Yann Gross.